Lifetime Warranty

Unlimited Miles, Unlimited Time, Accepted Nationwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does the Lifetime Warranty Cover?
Answer: The Lifetime Warranty simply duplicates the Factory Power Train Warranty. Nothing is excluded-No Fine Print-No Catches. Simply refer to the Owner's Manual for all the details.

Question: Do I have to bring my car back to your dealership when I have a claim?
Answer: Absolutely not! The Lifetime Warranty can be used at any licensed repair shop in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. So if you move, if you're on vacation, or traveling on business, the warranty goes with you!

Question: What are my responsibilities for maintaining my Vehicle?
Answer: Easy. Just follow the manufacturer's standard maintenance guide in the owner's manual. This will help protect your factory warranty, as well as your Lifetime Warranty when you have a claim.

Question: Do I have to bring my vehicle back to your dealership for the required maintenance?
Answer: Absolutely not! You can take your vehicle to any licensed repair shop to have the maintenance done. If you change you own oil, simply keep the receipts for the oil and filter. However, our dealership will electronically maintain all of your maintenance records for submission to the insurance company when you have a Lifetime Warranty claim.

Question: Who stands behind the Lifetime Warranty?
Answer: One of the largest automotive specialty insurers in the world: Heritage Indemnity Company.

Question: This looks like a great warranty-so why do so many of your competitors misrepresent the terms of the coverage?
Answer: Because that's all they CAN do! We have exclusive rights to this Lifetime Warranty product in our market. We're already beating their deals, so providing a Lifetime Warranty included as standard equipment makes choosing our dealership a "no-brainer".

Lifetime Warranty