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We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Motozuma & Hyundai. is a social savings website where consumers can save money to be used for a down payment on a vehicle - this can be their own money or money they are gifted by family and friends, such as on a birthday, holiday, graduation, wedding, or anytime. A Motozuma account can be created online in minutes and is completely free to consumers. Once a person joins at they can choose the vehicle they are saving for, their down payment savings goal and the date when they wish to reach their savings goal. Hyundai will be offering a dollar for dollar matching incentive up to $500 for a consumer that buys a new 2009 - 2011 Hyundai with their Motozuma account. A person's down payment funds from Motozuma will be transferred into the dealership via an ACH transaction from Chase Bank.

Here is how the process will work. A consumer with a Motozuma account will come into a Hyundai dealership with a Motozuma Funds Certificate. This Funds Certificate is generated by the account holder on to ready their account for transfer.

At the time of purchase, the consumer and dealership representative will log onto or click the "Purchase Yehicle" link at the bottom of the Motozuma homepage ( The consumer will enter the information from their Funds Certificate. The dealership representative will then enter the vehicle and dealership information along with verifying this to be a new vehicle purchase eligible for the Motozuma/Hyundai Matching incentive Program. Once this information is submitted and verified, the ACH request will then be initiated. The website will then display a printable confirmation form for the dealership's records showing the amount of Motozuma funds being transferred and the amount of Matching incentive that will need to be submitted to Hyundai for dealer reimbursement.

The dealership must then submit the Motozuma/Hyundai Matching incentive Claim Form to Hyundai to receive the Matching incentive.


Below are some FAQ's regarding this program:

What is the process for a me to transfer their funds at time of purchase?

A customer first has to click the "Ready to buy" link on their profile page to ready their account for a transfer and generate a Funds Certificate. At time of purchase at the dealership, the customer and dealership representative will log in at Both the customer and the dealership representative will enter information which will be confirmed to initiate the transfer of Motozuma funds to the dealership.


How long must a Motozuma account be open for a vehicle purchase can be made?

A customer must have their Motozuma account open for at least 30 days before they can make a vehicle purchase with their Motozuma funds.


What if a I am at the dealership ready to buy, but I haven't generated their Funds Certificate yet?

A customer can create their Funds Certificate online at the dealership; they will need to simply log into their Motozuma profile page and click the "Ready to Buy" button and follow the instructions.


What if I only wants to use part of their Motozuma funds towards the purchase of a vehicle?

At the current time, all monies in a person's Motozuma account will be transferred to the dealership towards the purchase of the vehicle at time of purchase.


What if I want to use their money on something other than a vehicle purchase, service, parts, eg.?

Currently, a account is for the purchase of a vehicle only at a participating state licensed automobile dealership.


What if I think I has more money in his account?

Sometimes transactions can take up to 1-2 business days before appearing in an account. Please allow 24-48 hours for transactions to be processed. Please have the customer contact by sending an e-mail or by calling 1-877-504-ZUMA (9862) with their name, account username and question(s).


What if I want to buy a used car with his Motozuma funds?

A customer can buy a used car through a participating state licensed automobile dealership. However, manufacturer match funds will not apply toward the purchase of a used vehicle.


Who do I contact with any questions?

Please contact Motozuma Customer Service directly with Motozuma related questions at: 1-877-504-ZUMA (9862).